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    Key Stage 2 - Years 5 & 6

    Norwich Gaming Festival Day

    Wed 24 May | 9.45am - 2.30pm | The Forum, Norwich | Free

    Thu 25 May (SOLD OUT) | 9.45am - 2.30pm | The Forum, Norwich | Free


    Students can bring gaming levels and ideas to life in this session for the whole class, and discover some of the magic of GameMaker. Students will see first-hand how changing a single number can affect how high a player can jump and how fast they can run as we build ourselves a unique gaming adventure together.


    Students will use GarageBand to create noises and soundtracks to complement their gaming ideas working with Laboratory Media Education.


    Students can get their hands on loads of gaming content in the Get Gaming Gallery from retro arcade consoles to brand new games. They can see the progression of the games in the History of Gaming exhibition and find out more about the industry from Norwich University of the Arts, the University of East Anglia and Access to Music.

    ARTIST FOR HIRE with Matthew Syrett

    This is an entertaining talk all about Matthew’s experience creating artwork for games. Learn about his journey: from what he
    studied at school, to his Masters degree and the co-creating Table Flip Games.

    To book email sarah.power@theforumnorwich.co.uk

    A Pot of JAM & OPEN Activities Taster

    Tue 23 May | 9.45am - 2.30pm | OPEN, Norwich | Free

    A Raspberry Jam is a big meetup when people of all ages get together to share tech ideas, learn from each other and have fun! It is a growing community across the UK which welcomes families, developers, students, teachers – really anyone who wants to put their tech to good use, learn new skills and show off their projects!

    We are offering schools (KS2) the chance to take part in A POT OF JAM taster which introduces the Jam experience, before the public NORWICH RASPBERRY JAM on Sat 27 May.

    To book email sarah.power@theforumnorwich.co.uk

    A Taste of Jam - For Teachers

    Mon 15 May | 4pm - 6pm | The Forum, Norwich | Free

    Teachers - join us for an informal evening to find out what more about a Raspberry Jam prior to Norwich Gaming Festival 2017.

    At this Taste of Jam evening meet the coders and makers who contribute to Raspberry Jams, get your hands on the tech and your minds on making.

    NOTE: no actual jam will be consumed during this evening. But a glass of wine or a bottle of beer will be!

    Book now via eventbrite


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