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    The Forum Trust | Project Purpose | Partnerships | Forum Facts | Forum History | Forum Team

    What starts as an exchange of ideas over a cup of coffee can have the potential to grow in to something extraordinary. At The Forum Trust evidence for this surrounds us every day.

    To achieve balance and diversity in The Forum programme, The Forum Trust works with partners from a wide range of sectors including business, media, creative arts, education, science, technology, tourism and not for profit.  

    Partnerships permit The Forum Trust to -

    • Present a more rich and varied programme of activities at The Forum and in the community
    • Deliver a balanced programme which appeals to different ages, needs and interests
    • Be the catalyst for projects which have a positive effect in the wider community
    • Assist local, regional and national organisations in connecting with local people and businesses
    • Make a significant contribution to the economic and cultural reputation of Norfolk and the Region

    Every partnership is different and will depend on the project as well as the interests, business aims and marketing objectives of the partner organisation and The Forum Trust.

    Partner assets in the project might be one or a mix of -

    • Cash and in kind
    • Skills and expertise
    • Content for events and activities
    • Staff resources
    • Linking The Forum Trust with other relevant people and organisations
    • Connecting The Forum to new and different audiences and markets

    The benefits of working in partnership with The Forum Trust include -

    • Associating with a successful and trusted brand
    • Reaching new audiences and sectors of the community
    • Capitalising on the unique mix and nature of The Forum's spaces and resources
    • Sharing the skills, resources and connections of The Forum Trust
    • Contributing to the corporate social responsibility aims of your organisation
    • Involving your staff in projects with the potential to make a difference in local life

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