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    Project Purpose

    The Forum Trust | Project Purpose | Partnerships | Forum Facts | Forum History | Forum Team

    The Project Purpose is wide ranging and designed to benefit all members of the community.

    It was agreed formally with The Forum's founding stakeholders, The Millennium Commission (now the Big Lottery), Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council, in 1998.

    The Forum Trust is committed to delivering The Forum's Project Purpose for 125 years.

    The central principles are as follows -

    • Encourage The Forum’s use as a cultural and recreational destination that welcomes everyone
    • Make new technology accessible to the community as a whole
    • Promote educational opportunities, life-long learning and personal development
    • Support opportunities for local people and visitors to learn about the unique history and heritage of the Eastern region
    • Improve awareness and understanding of key themes such as climate change
    • Contribute towards economic growth, cultural life and the reputation of Norwich and Norfolk

    In order to adhere to the Project Purpose the Forum Trust team works to -

    • Maintain the balance and diversity of The Forum activities and events programme
    • Increase the number of partners who can help to grow and enrich The Forum programme in ways that are mutually rewarding
    • Continue to extend where possible its activities into the wider community through outreach work and partnership activities
    • Provide opportunities to showcase and celebrate the talent and achievements of people in the Eastern region
    • Helping people to understand more fully the unique combination of resources, services and opportunities available to them at The Forum

    The Forum Trust welcomes new ideas and discussion with businesses, organisations and community groups which share its aims and recognise The Forum's potential as a catalyst for positive change and for providing new experiences and opportunities.