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The Science of Sweets!

10.15am - 11.15am: Online

Family Friendly Chemistry Space, astronomy & physics Online Morning Free

A spectacular, Wonka-esque edible science show from BBC Gastronaut Stefan Gates

Join Stefan and his long-suffering daughter, Poppy, for edible chemical reactions, vortex cannons, explosions, glowing drinks and tales of hidden insects in our marshmallows. The show is packed with chemistry, biology and physics and there are loads of demos you can try at home... plus a few you really can’t!

Recommended for ages 6+

Watch live on YouTube and again for 7 days after the event

Set up a YouTube account and log in during the event to join the live chat where you can ask questions and share your thoughts!

About Gastronaut and Stefan Gates

Gastronaut is a food + science media company run by food adventurer and TV presenter Stefan Gates, who has written and presented dozens of shows for BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, CBBC and Channel 5. We work at the highest level of science communication creating world-class, high-tech science stage shows packed with robots, cannons, rockets and extraordinary science stunts, and all presented with a real depth of understanding and a thirst for education.  

Stefan has presented many shows for television including Food Factory (BBC1), Gastronuts (CBBC), Incredible Edibles (CBBC), Full on Food (BBC2), Cooking in the Danger Zone BBC2) and also lots of serious documentaries about hunger, conflict and anthropology: Can Eating Insects Save the World?, Feasts, Calves Heads and Coffee: The Golden Age of English Food (all BBC4). I love food science: Food Factory, E Numbers: An Edible Adventure (BBC2).

Organiser details: The Gastronaut