Healthy, Happy, Safe

10am - 3.30pm : The Atrium

Celebration Drop-in Charity Free
  • Parking
  • Disabled parking
  • Wheelchair access
  • Toilets
  • Disabled toilets
  • Changing places

The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF

01603 727 950

Join Opening Doors for an exciting day celebrating life with a learning disability!

Led by people with learning disabilities, the Opening Doors event on Wednesday 12 June will have talks, performances, information stalls, and more. The aim is to promote the themes of Healthy, Happy, and Safe

From 10am to 3.30pm, people can visit themed zones to learn new skills and connect with others. Whether you are looking to participate in physical activities, explore ways to help your mental health and wellbeing, or learn new skills, there is something for everyone.

The Gallery will feature a range of talks and outside talented performers will showcase their skills and celebrate the unique abilities of people with learning disabilities. 

Opening Doors believe that people with learning disabilities are brilliant, and this event is all about celebrating our strengths and promoting our wellbeing. Do not miss this opportunity to come together and learn, connect, and celebrate life with a learning disability.

If you would like to perform or have a stall, contact the Opening Doors team on their website,-Happy,-Safe

Join Opening Doors at The Forum for a day of fun, learning, and celebration!

Find activities inside and outside The Forum.