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    Edith Cavell Centenary

    October 5

    Edith Cavell - A Nurse and Her Legacy


    Edith Cavell was a nurse from Norfolk who sacrified her life to save soldiers during WW1.

    To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of her execution, The Forum and partners tell her story and its impact on nursing over the last century.

    Edith Cavell, from Swardeston, near Norwich, worked in hospitals in German occupied Belgium during WW1. She helped save the lives of soldiers from both sides, without discrimination.

    On the morning of Tuesday 12 October 1915 the 49-year-old nurse from Norfolk was shot by a German firing squad. Her crime was helping allied soldiers escape to the Netherlands.

    Edith Cavell is buried at Norwich Cathedral.

    On Monday 12 October 2015 the centenary of her execution will be marked at ceremonies in the UK, Belgium and Canada.

    Please read on to see how The Forum and our partners are marking this anniversary.

    And click here to go to a list of talks and dramatic performances being presented at The Forum between 5 - 17 October.



    The 'Cavell Van'

    Mon 5 - Sat 17 October

    10am - 4pm

    The railway carriage - known as the Cavell Van - which carried Edith's body from Dover to London has been renovated and is being displayed outside The Forum from Monday 5 until Saturday 17 October.

    This is the first time the Cavell Van - which also transported the body of the Unknown Warrior to London - has been in the county of Edith's birth. It is owned by the Kent and East Sussex Railway and has been loaned to The Forum for two weeks.









    The inside of the carriage, pictured above, has been turned into a mini museum, with displays about Edith's work and about the WW1 conflict.

    The carriage will be open to visitors from 10am until 4pm daily. Entrance is free but only a small number of people can go on the van at any one time, so be prepared to queue at peak times. Due to the limited size of the inside of the railway carriage, it is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchair users.

    Read more about the Cavell Van here.

    With thanks to Holiday Inn, Norwich for putting up the Cavell Van Information Guides.

    The Cavell Nurses' Trust

    Mon 5 - Sat 17 October

    10am - 4pm

    Inside The Forum, pay a visit to an exhibition by the Cavell Nurses' Trust, which explores life in a WW1 field hospital and the lasting legacy of Edith Cavell's work.

    The Trust was originally known as NurseAid and was set up in 1917 following the public outcry that followed Edith's execution.









    Today the Trust gives welfare support to nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants and students who are in financial or personal hardship, often because of illness, domestic abuse, disability, working poverty and older age.

    Supporters of the Cavell Nurses' Trust are included in the exhibition. The National Garden Scheme, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust, Norwich Cathedral, the NNUH Nursing League and Wolf Brewery.



    Mon 5 - Fri 30 Oct

    A month long programme of films, talks, performances, displays and exhibitions in The Forum's Gallery and Auditorium exploring Edith Cavell's life, her legacy and how nursing has developed over the past 100 years.

    Nursing Now: Cavell's Legacy

    The Gallery

    Mon - Sat, 10am-4.30pm (also open on Sun 11 Oct)

    As Florence Nightingale wrote in 1867, nursing was work for those “too old, too weak, too drunken, too stupid, or too bad to do anything else”.

    Now nursing is a role undertaken by skilled, educated professionals. This exhibition in The Forum's Gallery explores the changes that have taken place in nursing in the last century.

    Nursing Now: Cavell’s Legacy is a project by the University of East Anglia's School of Health Sciences and The Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities at the UEA.

    A Nurse Misremembered?

    Gallery Reception

    Mon - Sat, 10am-4.30pm (also open on Sun 11 Oct)

    An exhibition created by four undergraduate History students from the UEA aimed at children and families. Edith Cavell's life is explored under four themes - early life, propoganda, nursing work, gender and bravery.



    Talks and Performances

    A month-long programme of Edith Cavell talks and events which unless otherwise stated here, are free drop-in events. Many of the events will be held in the Auditorium which seats 120 people, please arrive in good time to ensure a seat. We recommend you read the event information below for full event details.

    Below are the dates, titles and times.

    Click on this link for more details of each talk or performance.

    Mon 5 Oct - 1pm-2pm - Auditorium

    Edith Cavell, Her Life and Legacy

    Talk by Dr Claire Chatterton


    Tue 6 Oct - 6pm-8pm - Auditorium

    Edith Cavell and Propaganda

    Talk by Dr Richard Maguire - shown via a video link from the University of East Anglia.


    Wed 7 Oct - 1pm-2pm - Auditorium

    No Hatred or Bitterness - The Edith Cavell Exhibition at the Norfolk Record Office

    Talk by Frank Meeres


    Wed 7 Oct - 6pm-7pm - Auditorium

    The Mystery of Mrs B; Nurse Cavell's Forgotten Colleague in the Secret Network

    Talk and book signing by Monica Kendall


    Thu 8 Oct - 2.30pm-3.30pm - Auditorium

    Edith Cavell: The Woman Caught Between Destiny and History

    Talk and book signing by Terri Arthur


    Thu 8 Oct - 2.30pm + 3.30pm - Gallery


    A talk by Georgette Vale, a 'living historian'.


    Thu 8 Oct - 6pm-7pm - Auditorium

    The Real Edith - A Biographer's Talk

    Talk by Diana Souhami (by video link from UEA)


    Sat 10 Oct - 11am, 12pm, 1pm + 2pm - Gallery

    Talks throughout the day by Georgette Vale, a 'living historian'.


    Sun 11 Oct - 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm - Gallery

    Talks throughout the day by Georgette Vale, a 'living historian'.


    Mon 12 Oct - 12pm-1pm - Auditorium

    Edith Cavell: Duty, Devotion and Dignity

    Talk (in costume) by Rachel Duffield


    Tue 13 Oct - 6pm-7pm - Auditorium

    The Edith Cavell Story 1915-2015

    Dramatic Storytelling by Julie Ann Cooper


    Wed 14 Oct - 6pm-7pm - Auditorium

    Edith Cavell: Duty, Devotion and Dignity

    Talk (in costume) by Rachel Duffield


    Thu 15 Oct - 12pm-1pm and 6pm-7pm - Auditorium

    Edith Cavell: Faith Before the Firing Squad

    Book lecture and signing by Catherine Butcher


    Thu 15 Oct – 3pm + 4pm - Gallery


    Talk by Georgette Vale a ‘living historian’.  


    Fri 16 Oct – 11am, 12pm + 1pm - Gallery


    Talks throughout the day by Georgette Vale a ‘living historian’.  


    Fri 16 Oct - 7.30pm-9.30pm - Auditorium

    Edith Cavell: Facing the Silence

    Judi Daykin; Broad Horizons Theatre Co.


    Sat 17 Oct - 2.30pm-4.30pm - Auditorium

    Edith Cavell: Facing the Silence

    Judi Daykin; Broad Horizons Theatre Co.


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