Acceptable Behaviour Policy

The Forum is here for everyone.

We want everybody to feel safe and welcome in our space, including staff and visitors. So we can make sure that everybody continues to enjoy The Forum, we expect people to follow our guidelines around acceptable behaviour.    

As The Forum and the land around the building is private property, we reserve the right to ban individuals if necessary. We also have CCTV, which helps us keep staff and visitors safe.  

The Forum is home to a year-round programme of events and festivals, as well as organisations like Pizza Express, Millennium Library, and the BBC. Our Acceptable Behaviour Policy encompasses all our activities and tenants.  

If you are visiting the building, and are made to feel threatened, intimidated, or offended by another individual, please visit Customer Services on the ground floor, who will be happy to help. 

Our safeguarding policies are available on request - please contact [email protected].

What is ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ behaviour? 

The Forum has a code of conduct so communities can enjoy and benefit from the facilities and services. 

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between what is anti-social, offensive and frightening behaviour and what is simply irritating or annoying to others. The difference between anti-social and irritating behaviour can depend on the size of the space, the tolerance levels of staff and others, and the intention of the person or group upsetting others.  

Unacceptable behaviour at The Forum includes damage to property, lewd or indecent behaviour, verbal abuse, skateboarding, shouting, and other forms of behaviour which may frighten, intimidate, endanger, or otherwise be considered abusive.  

The Forum reserves the right to remove individuals from the property when necessary, and ban them from future use.  

Definition of anti-social behaviour 

An act – physical or verbal – which is designed to frighten, harass or victimise other people.  It is when an individual or group of people consciously try to impose their behaviour on others, and show a lack of consideration and respect for other people.