Venue hire price list

Our pricing is simple and transparent with a standard rate and a not-for-profit rate. Our prices include AV, equipment such as tables and display boards, and their set-up.

Our prices will be changing from the Friday 1 July 2022. Any bookings taken prior to this date will be at the rates below.

The Atrium

Standard hire rateNot-for-Profit rate*
Zone 1£225+VAT per day£157.50+VAT per day
Zone 2£250+VAT per day£175+VAT per day
Zone 3£125+VAT per day£87.50+VAT per day
Zone 4£100+VAT per day£70+VAT per day
All Zones£700+VAT per day£490+VAT per day

Charitable events

At our discretion, we may be able to offer small areas for charitable events. A minimum administration fee of £35+VAT may be charged for such charitable events which do not require staffing/resource.

Private Atrium events

Any private event which requires staffing in the main Atrium will be charged from £60+VAT per hour (price to be agreed).

The View

Standard hire rate
The View£40+VAT per hour
Standard hire rateNot-for-Profit rate*
The Auditorium and lobby£75+VAT per hour£52.50+VAT per hour
Standard hire rateNot-for-Profit rate*
£75+VAT per hour£52.50+VAT per hour
Special offer10% off when booked with The Auditorium
Standard hire rateNot-for-Profit rate*
Amphitheatre£225+VAT per day£100+VAT per day
Upper Millennium Plain£225+VAT per day£100+VAT per day
Theatre Plain£225+VAT per day£100+VAT per day
Not-for-Profit dealsNot-for-Profit rate*
Two outside spaces£150+VAT per day
Three outside spaces£200+VAT per day

*Not-for-Profit rates

We are able to apply a reduced hire rate to events or activities which meet and help deliver the Forum’s charitable objectives, on a discretionary basis. We reserve the right to consider every event on an individual basis. 

Venue hire prices and special offers may be changed at any time without further notice.