Forum Photography Policy

Photography and filming at The Forum  

Can I take photos or film in The Forum?  

The Forum is private land owned and operated by The Forum Trust Ltd.  

Visitors are permitted to take photographs or film for personal, non-commercial use.  

Some privately organised events hiring our spaces or public exhibitions may prohibit photography to protect artists copyright. This will be clearly indicated by the works and/or the event organiser. 

The Forum Trust reserves the right to ask visitors not to take video or photographs to protect the privacy of our visitors and in the interests of operational security. The Forum Trust accepts no responsibility for issues arising from photographs taken by third parties. 

Can I take photos or film at an event I'm hosting/attending? 

Event hirers and stallholders/attendees are permitted to take photos and film for use on social media and are advised to gain consent from visitors prior to taking images. Films or photos of our staff may not be taken without prior permission.  

Photography taken by or on behalf of The Forum Trust during events  

The Forum Trust is a registered charity. Its aims are to encourage and support the local community through events and exhibitions to promote education, technology and personal development. We do this by using media such as photos and literature to enhance the depth and understanding of the Charities objectives.    

We use images in a range of materials to promote The Forum Trust as a whole and to illustrate particular areas of our work and events. This includes (but is not limited to): 

•    Websites, social media, videos 

•    publicity materials such as leaflets, brochures and posters 

•    providing images to local media for the promotion of events 

All Forum Trust events will have prominent signage  if photography is taking place. In addition, our photographers and social media team are identifiable via pink ‘official photographer’ tabards. If you do not wish to appear in photographs please make one of our team aware.  

Commercial filming, live broadcast and photography 

If you would like to photograph or film inside or outside the building for media, student project or professional purposes contact our marketing team in advance to discuss your requirements:  

Depending on your requirements you may need to hire parts of The Forum to ensure full access. Please discuss this with us before filming.